Welcome to Alberta Laundry Systems Ltd.

We at Alberta Laundry have been in the commercial laundry equipment business for over 30 years. We offer sales, service and parts for Wascomat and Electrolux Equipment.

Our services are available to a variety of businesses and organizations throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and some parts of British Columbia. Some of our customers include hotels/motels, nursing homes, laundromats, dry cleaners, hospitals, hair salons, vet clinics, universities/colleges, and correctional facilities.

At Alberta Laundry Systems Ltd. we are committed to service. We sell
quality equipment that has proven to last for 30+ years. We feel that quality equipment and quality service bring peace of mind.

When you contact us, you will always speak to a person, not a recording. We let our customers tell us what they need, and make
sure that they are completely satisfied.                                                      
 *** Featured Product***   
The Crossover !!  Please check out our new Crossover washer and dryer
section for more information on this amazing product.

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Did you know that we have the ability to service your machine over the phone!! and it won't cost you a thing (unless you call from a payphone). Don't believe us ??  Call and Find out. This is what makes Alberta Laundry Systems Ltd a step above everyone else....

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